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No. 55, Jalan 3/93, Taman Miharja, Jalan Cheras,
55200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Hunting Line Tel: +603-9281 3167
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Customer Service Department
Siti Noorasliza Bt Mohamad Customer Service Assistant
Vikneswary A/P Silvarajah Customer Service Assistant
Imogen Tham Marketing & Projects Executive
Training & Education Department
Nor Hayati Bt Kemat (Yati) Training & Education Manager

a Spokane Institution

Northwest Seed and Pet is a Spokane institution. Open for decades, both locations are home to wholesale nfl jerseys from china not only a large selection of yard supplies, seeds, plants, and pet supplies, but also large animal rooms with a variety of species available for purchase. Aside from selling puppies and kittens on a regular basis, they also have rabbits and other small animals as well as chickens, ducks, and exotics. The line up of available reptiles and invertebrates changes on a regular basis, but you can pretty much bet on finding some form of snakes, lizards, and tarantulas for sale most days.

On my frequent trips into both locations I’ve found Bearded Dragons, Ball pythons, Rosehair tarantulas, and Corn snakes. Often there are both adult and juvenile animals available for sale. Unlike stores such as Rasmussen that captive breed the large majority of their stock, Northwest Seed gets their animals from a variety of places so they can’t always guarantee the age, long term health, or origin of the reptiles they sell.

The people that work there are friendly and as helpful as they can be, but many of them don’t know much about reptiles and cheap nhl jerseys china can’t answer all questions you might have. I’ve seen them feed their Iguanas crickets before, which is pointless as they are vegetarian lizards. I don’t think it was malicious and it looked like they had some veggis in a dish for the Iguanas as well, so they weren’t going to starve. But that is certainly something you wouldn’t see at a reptile specialty store where employees are more versed in what they are dealing with.

I have purchased several animals from Northwest Seed, and I’ve discovered several issues with them over the years. They don’t always sex the animals they sell properly, for one thing. I bought a female Ball python from them that turned out to be a male, and a male Rosehair tarantula that turned out to be female (a point that was made very clear when she laid eggs a month or so after I got her). My male kitten also turned out to be female, which I’ll admit I should have realized a lot sooner than I did. They also mis labled their tarantulas on at least one occasion, which I found out when I bought what I thought was a relatively docile spider and ended up with a Starburst Baboon also known as that “orange bitey thing.”

Something that is quite obvious for experienced reptile buyers is the way animals are priced at Northwest Seed. Unlike with specialized reptile stores or breeders who charge less for babies and juveniles and more for adults, this store usually charges the same for all animals despite their age. This means you can sometimes get a great deal on older animals, but also that you might pay more for younger ones than you would elsewhere. I would recommend doing some research on prices at other stores or with breeders before committing to buying something, unless you don’t mind paying whatever asking price Northwest Seed has listed.

For the most part my experiences purchasing from either location have been favorable. All animals I bought from them have stayed in good health (except my incredibly overbred mini Rex rabbit, but that is another story). I enjoy seeing what new animals they get in every month or so. And it is fun to visit with Nelson, the large Sulcata tortoise that lives in the animal room. I can’t guarantee they will have the animal you are looking for in stock when you go in, but I can guarantee you will find something on your cheap jerseys visit.

Locations for Northwest Seed and Pet are located on North Divsion and East Sprague. The Sprague location is open Monday through Saturday cheap jerseys from 8am 7pm and Sunday 9am 6pm. The Division location is open Monday through Friday 9am 9pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am 6pm.Articles Connexes: