Fellow Certified Life Practitioner (FCLP)

The Premier Designation for Life Professionals and Financial Practitioners

NAMLIFA – FLPC has offered the Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP) Programme to Insurance agents/members since 1997.

In view of the changing needs of our members who are mainly life insurance agents, we are offering an insurance-based designation programme FCLP (Fellow Certified Life Practitioner) to meet this need.

The FCLP designation programme will be conferred on those who meet the requirements for the following 4 (four) modules :

LP101 Personal Insurance : Principles & Marketing
(Moderating Based) – 10 sessions of 4 hours per sessions.
(Moderating Based) – 4 days of 6.5 hours per day.
LP102 Business Insurance : Principles & Marketing
(Moderating Based) – 10 sessions of 4 hours per sessions.
(Moderating Based) – 4 days of 6.5 hours per day.
LP103 Associated Legal Principles in Life Insurance
(Lecture Based) – 4 days of 6.5 hours per day.
 LP104 Business Insurance : Risk & Continuation Planning
(Lecture Based) – 4 days of 6.5 hours per day.

WHY should you enrol for FCLP Designation Programme?

The FCLP Programme is a mechanism to upgrade professionalism and accountability in the Industry – Malaysianised with revised syllabus, reasonable fees and greater flexibility in method of study.

METHODS of Study : –

Course with lectures/moderation and examination

REQUIREMENTS for attaining the following Designations

  1. Completed and Passes LP101 – Certified Personal Insurance Planner (CPIP)
  2. Completed and Passes LP101 & LP102 – Certified Life Planner and Marketer (CLPM)
  3. Completed and Passes LP101 to LP104 – Fellow Certified Life Practitioner (FCLP)

FCLP Programme Course Outline

  • Overview of course : Financial Planning and Personal Insurance
  • Concepts and Purpose of Financial Planning, Life Insurance & Life Insurance Selling as a Career
  • Life Insurance Industry,  Organizations and the Changing Financial Landscape
  • Overview of the Sales Cycle & Personal Traits of a Successful Insurance-Based Financial Planner
  • Prospecting &Targeting Marketing
  • Pre-approach & Life Insurance Products
  • Approach & Life Insurance Law
  • First Interview & Saving and Investment
  • Fact-finding & Single Need and Total Needs Approach
  • Analyzing the Case & Information Technology and the Agent
  • Unit Trust, Investment of Life Insurance Companies and Investment Products
  • Integrated Sales System and Hall marks of Professionalism of a Financial Services Profiesional
  • Introduction o Business Insurance as a Financial Planning Tool for Financial Services Professionals
  • Overview of Business Organisations
  • Developing Your Business Insurance Market
  • Sole Proprietorship & Pre-approaching Business Prospects
  • Partnership & Approaching Business Prospects
  • Companies & the First Interview
  • Business Continuation
  • Liquidation of Business & Business fact-finding
  • Liquidation of Business & Analyzing Business Cases
  • Buy-Sell Insurance, Presentation and Closing Skills
  • Key man Insurance
  • Group Insurance Schemes, Payroll Deduction Plans & Underwriting Business Insurance Cases
  • Analyzing Financial Statements and Post-Sales Service
  • Approved Retirement Schemes and Tax Planning for the Business Prospects
  • Strategy for the Business Market
  • The Legal System & Law of Contract
  • Utmost Good Faith & Insurable Interest
  • Payment of Policy Moneys
  • Life Insurance and Trust
  • Application of Life Insurance Trust
  • Assignments & Law of Agency
  • Policy Conditions and the 1996 Act
  • Understanding the Insurance Act 1996
  • Legal Issues Affecting Title
  • Business Succession Planning foe SME Owners
  • Business Liquidation and succession Planning
  • The Succession Planning Process
  • Closely-held Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME)
  • Important Qualitative Characteristics of SME that Require Planning
  • Disadvantages of SME
  • The Succession Problems of Each Type of SME Business
  • The Financial and Legal Consequences When a SME Owners Dies
  • Retirement, Disability and Critical Illness Business Buyout Arrangement
  • The Insured Buy-Sell Agreement as a Solution to SME Succesion Problems
  • Business Valuation for SME Business
  • Business Succession Case Studies

Our NEW intake will commence soon. As a constitutional requirements, a participant MUST be a NAMLIFA member in benefit